KEYKING prides itself on having 20 years of knowledge and experience in Access Control. Being part of many global organizations and consortium allows KEYKING to be on the cutting edge of Access Control technology. From the single-door-stand-alone Series 4 with OLED display providing an easy on-site menu, to the Full Featured Series 3 and Series 5 controllers with unlimited possibilities and configurations we have the Access Control you need.

  • Our Sphinx Software is the ONLY software KEYKING uses for Access Control and Integration. It comes FULL Featured with Graphic Presentation, E-Mail Connectivity, Remote Access, Time & Attendance and more at NO CHARGE. Sphinx is already capable of ALL the Integrated System features including Biometric Integration, CCTV, Alarm, Card Printer, Parking, Cafeteria, Guard Tour and more. As your business grows, so can your Access Control.
  • Series 3 Controllers This traditional distributed concept has nothing traditional about it. 32BIT Processor with Dual Watchdog and fast Ethernet (TCP/IP) it is the most advanced of its kind in the market. Having all components on-board, including Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs as well as 5A Relays, make it the most Flexible in the market. There is NO LIMIT as of the number of Controllers that can be connected on a single system. Providing 1, 2, 4 & 8 Doors controllers as well as Elevator Controller and I/O Controller for Building Management and Intrusion Functionality.
  • Series 4 ControllersStand-Alone units consist of an All-In-One easy to use device. A Keypad-Reader combination with an OLED Display provides the best combination for on-site configuration, yes, there is a menu, no more guessing! Available input for second reader provides IN/OUT capabilities and Tamper Resistant installations. The Door-Bell contact is definitely a nice feature as well.
  • Series 5 ControllersThe newest addition to the KEYKING family. Geared for large projects, while providing a cost-effective solution. By reducing the cost on wiring, it has doubled the capacity and has 10 times more memory than the series 3. Capable of connecting up to 30 doors and additional 30 Outputs with 60 Inputs on ONE Central unit up to 4000 feet away all while saving network resources by requiring only ONE network address for the Central Unit. There are NO LIMITS to the number of Central Units that can be connected in single system.