Up to 30 Doors on One Controller. up to 8000ft. apart. Save money on Instalation Cabling

Up to 30 Doors on One Controller. up to 8000ft. apart. Save money on Instalation Cabling

Series 5 System is made for large scale systems

in large scale installation, where distance between the doors and the controllers resulting in high cabling cost, Series 5 is the answer.

Being the newest member of the KEYKING Family, Series 5 enjoys the advantage of redesigning all from the start.

Series 5 Architecture is different from TC3. In the center there is the DGS-500, the “brain”, this unit can manage up to 30 doors using its huge memory with 60,000 credentials and 200,000 LOG. DGS-500 communicate with the door-units (DPU-501) using 3 x RS-485 BUS allowing the furthest door to be 4000 ft away making the maximum distance between the furthest doors 8000 ft (1.5 miles).

Series 5 has 2 levels of On-Line and Off-Line Operation. If DGS-500 is disconnected from the software, it will continue its operations undisturbed. When connection is regained, it will update the database automatically.

In case of DPU-501 is disconnected from the DGS-500, it will continue its operation using its own processor and 2000 credentials memory. in both cases, the doors operate seamlessly without interruption.

DGS-500 have 4 sizes: 8, 16, 24 & 30 doors

It have On-Board 100MBPS TCP/IP Connection, Tamper & Door Inputs, Alarm Relay SPDT 5A and the 3 x RS-485 BUS.

  • Anti-Pass-Back – Also in off-line
  • Door Operation Modes – 15 schedules / door. Normal , Open, Close, Lock-down, Double-Swipe-Open/Close, Timed APB, Card+PIN
  • Time Schedules – 15 Schedules with 7 Operation Mode Schedules Each
  • Door Functions:
    • Normal & Anti-Pass-Back – Mix Mode on the same controller
    • N.O. / N.C. Input Configuration
    • Dual Lock Time – Normal and “Handicap”
    • Door Held Open Alert
    • Multi-Card Operation for high security (up to 8 swipes)
    • Keypad Support – including Lock on Three Failed Attempts
    • Duress Support – Duress PIN, Duress Card, Duress Fingerprint, Duress Input
    • Arm / Disarm Codes for predefined procedures.
  • ID Types
    • Card
    • PIN
    • Biometric – full integration on the same database
  • ID Levels
    • Standard User
    • Handicap – Lock Time used “handicap” time
    • Manager – Double-Swipe Authorization and APB Bypass
    • Master – Override all security restrictions
    • Emergency – Open ANY Door including Lock-Down and database / configuration destruction
    • Visitor –  temporary access
  • Activation / Deactivation Reader – when card swiped on “deactivation” reader, the cards credentials are cancelled until used on “activation” reader. Single Use Cards.
  • Flow Control– combination of system events and or inputs / outputs statuses activating predefined response. These actions can be also affected by Arm/Disarm codes.
  • Supervised Inputs – Available. including readers tamper alerts.
  • Passive / Active Network Operation
  • LAN / WAN Support – can be accessed locally or remotely using any standard network protocols.

DPU-501 is the door unit

This small unit, less than 3.5″ x 3.5″, can act as single door unit with Anti-Pass-Back or not as well as I/O board when needed. The DPU-501 is installed as close as possible to the door to reduce the amount of cabling needed for the door operation. Communication with the DGS-500 is done using standard Two Wire RS-485 BUS making wiring cost minimal.

  • 2 Weiagnd readers inuts (24-72 BIT)
  • 2 Relays SPDT 5A (N.O. & N.C.)
  • 4 Inputs (N.O. / N.C. configurable)
  • Powered by standard 12Vdc