Distributed Architecture Controllers. 1, 2, 4, 8 Doors. Elevator Controller & I/O Controller

Distributed Architecture Controllers. 1, 2, 4, 8 Doors. Elevator Controller & I/O Controller

TC3 Distributed Access Control Controllers

The best controllers in the market. On-Line and Off-Line seamless operation, controller behavior is similar regardless of network connection or stability. The controller will continue its operation even when loosing communication with the software using huge 30,000 credentials capacity (60,000 credentials capacity available) and will update the database independently when regaining connection without the need for intervention.

TC3 Controllers come with all the parts on-board, no more modules and components. The standard network controller equipped with powerful 32BIT TI Cortex processor and come with RS-232 AND RS-485 AND TCP/IP with real 100MBPS network (not converted from RS-485) on the board ready for use. Economy Models do not have the TCP/IP on board, but, still have all the other features, including the ability to connect 127 controllers in ONE RS-485 BUS

TC3 controllers also have on-board Auxiliary Outputs (5A Relays) and Auxiliary Inputs for more functionality and interconnection with other systems. Door Relays (5A) and Door Inputs (REX, Door Sense) can be also used as Auxiliary if not used for the door operation.

TC3 Small size (7″ x 5″) allow installation in limited spaces. Its requirement for simple, standard 12Vdc power supply free the installer from expensive unique power supplies purchases.

TC3 Controllers are fully adaptable to ANY Weigand reader in the market (24-72 BIT) and can operate readers in both Self Powered and Controller Powered modes (provide 12Vdc 250mA) depending on the reader and wiring, the controller can be installed even 1000 ft. away from the door. This make the TC3 series the ideal candidate for systems upgrade and retrofit.

Upgrading old system can not be easier, just install the appropriate TC3 Controller, connect the EXISTING readers and door hardware, run the software and the system running. Saving all the work of rewiring, purchasing new readers and new cards.

TC3 Controllers support the following functions:

  • Anti-Pass-Back – Also in off-line
  • Door Operation Modes – 15 schedules / door. Normal , Open, Close, Lock-down, Double-Swipe-Open/Close, Timed APB, Card+PIN
  • Time Schedules – 15 Schedules with 7 Operation Mode Schedules Each
  • Door Functions:

    • Normal & Anti-Pass-Back – Mix Mode on the same controller
    • N.O. / N.C. Input Configuration
    • Dual Lock Time – Normal and “Handicap”
    • Door Held Open Alert
    • Multi-Card Operation for high security (up to 8 swipes)
    • Keypad Support – including Lock on Three Failed Attempts
    • Duress Support – Duress PIN, Duress Card, Duress Fingerprint, Duress Input
    • Arm / Disarm Codes for predefined procedures.
  • ID Types
    • Card
    • PIN
    • Biometric – full integration on the same database
  • ID Levels
    • Standard User
    • Handicap – Lock Time used “handicap” time
    • Manager – Double-Swipe Authorization and APB Bypass
    • Master – Override all security restrictions
    • Emergency – Open ANY Door including Lock-Down and database / configuration destruction
    • Visitor –  temporary access
  • Activation / Deactivation Reader – when card swiped on “deactivation” reader, the cards credentials are cancelled until used on “activation” reader. Single Use Cards.
  • Flow Control– combination of system events and or inputs / outputs statuses activating predefined response. These actions can be also affected by Arm/Disarm codes.
  • Supervised Inputs – Available. including readers tamper alerts.
  • Passive / Active Network Operation
  • LAN / WAN Support – can be accessed locally or remotely using any standard network protocols.

 TC3 Controllers Models

TC Controllers available in 2 formats,

  • NT are the Networked Models and include 100 MBPS TCP/IP On-Board Connector.
  • MT are the Economy Models and do not include TCP/IP Network

The models are as follow:

  • TC312 – Single Door, Dual Readers – configured as IN/OUT for each door or APB
  • TC322 – Dual Doors, Dual Readers
  • TC344 – Quad (4) Doors, Quad Readers
  • TC348 – 4 Doors, 8 Readers – configured as IN/OUT for each door or APB
  • TC388 – 8 Doors, 8 Readers
  • TC3168 – 16 Inputs and 8 Outputs (relays)
  • TC3116 – 16 Floors Elevator Controller
  • TC3016 – 16 Floors Extension for elevator controller (can add 6 extensions making 127 floors)






APB Door



1 2 2




2 2 2




4 2 2




4 4 4




8 0 0




N/A 16 8




16 0 0



0 16 0 0