KEYKING Introduce New Concept in Hotel Locks

Smart-Card based hotel locks. Non-Contact Technology, 5 years warranty. No magnetic strip, no wear and tear on locks readers and cards, no need to rewrite demagnetized cards.

Higher Security using unique encryption protocol for each hotel.


Software Main Screen

Software Main Screen

Parking, Back Office, Access Control and more available.

Automatic Card Encoding done automatically by the software, no need to “punch numbers”

Lock ID include: Building, Floor, Room

Multiple buildings and sites.

Cards Types:

  1. Guest – Encoded on Check In or Booking
  2. Guest Group – Encoded for access to group of rooms guest access
  3. Administrator – Full Access to ALL Locks
  4. Group Control – Full Access to group of rooms
  5. Building – Full access to all rooms in a building
  6. Floor – Full access to all rooms on a floor
  7. Checkout – Force room checkout, revoke existing card and enable new card encoding.
  8. Emergency – Full Access to ALL Locks, also in “Lock Down” status
  9. Lock Down – for use in case of unpaid bill or other issues to prevent guest from entering
  10. System Cards – Audit Initiation , Programming Initiation , Room Locator , Time Setting , Group Setting 


Employee Designated Cards provide accurate identification on Audit.

Unlimited Room Types and Rates.

Multiple prices for each room type (FIT, Corporate, Loyalty etc.)

Room status: Available, Occupied, Booked, Cleaning, Maintained

Unlimited number of rooms and sites.


Stainless Steel Core and Handle – Estimated life of 15 years

Vandal Resistant Facing – Stainless Steel, Brushed Steel & ABS

800 Transactions Audit Trail on lock can be read using non-contact remote IR handheld reader.

Key Card Encoder

Key Card Encoder

Audit Reader

Audit Reader

Mechanical Bypass Key – key uses are logged on Audit

Powered by Four Standard AA Batteries with estimated life of 1 year (alert when less than 100 operation power available)

Locks can be reset to Factory Setting for reprogramming if Encryption Code need to be changed or lock is moved to another location.


Power Switch by Key identifies room key only.