From Small to Global Parking System

From Small to Global Parking System

KEYKING Present one of the Most Advanced Parking Systems in the world. ParkWatch is, like all KEYKING products, a scaleable full function parking system.

The system has the following components:

  • Gate Controller for Entrance and Exit control. Allow authorized vehicle entrance and exit while monitoring the number of vehicles inside the parking lot. Full support for Card Reader and Long Range reading in movement. Connection for underground vehicle detection loop.
  • Camera Interface for real-time visual verification and audit of vehicles traffic, up to 4 cameras for every gate.
  • Gate Kiosk for self-service and remote control with Intercom and Alpha-Numeric LED signage.
  • Parking Status signage as needed.
  • Car-Port detectors for Real-Time available parking spots. Identify occupied spot with Red light and Available with Green light. When connected to the system, can provide guidance directly to available spots, saving time and money.
  • Paid Parking support provide capability of Pre-Pay or Pay At Exit. Pay By Day, Pay By Hour, Multiple Rates and more. Subscriptions Parking (days of the week, weekly, monthly etc.) also supported.
  • System can be implemented as Upgrade to existing system or as new project.
  • System implementation can be with any combination of features, allowing implementations based on Budget and Needs.
  • System can be purchased in parts or as full-system as needed.

School Application:

  • Vehicles identified while moving, arriving to school entrance and directed to appropriate Parking Lot or Car Pool Line.
  • When vehicle arrives, only the specified gate will open.
  • In Carpool Lane, Inside Display will display the parent information allowing the release of the child based on rules and permissions.
  • Cameras on site record the parent drooping off / picking up the child. These recording, time stamped, will allow audit if needed.

Corporate Parking:

  • Employees using their Company ID granted access to their designated parking area.
  • Photo Log verify entrance/exit for audit.
  • Employee entrance is recorded on the Access Control system and can be also used for Time & Attendance.
  • Visitors identified by Operator using Intercom and Visual Verification, gate opened remotely by operator.

Public Parking:

  • Subscribers are identified with their subscription card. Access can be limited by days of the week, hours, number of entrances and more.
  • Pre-Paid subscribers are loading their card with “funds” deducted automatically on Exit based on Pricing.
  • Random users are issued an encrypted card with Time Data. On exit, required to return the card, and charge is presented based on Pricing.
  • Pricing can be defined by: Vehicle Type, Day of the week, Differentiating Hourly Rate and more.

Car-Port system will provide the following benefits:

  • Fast Movement – by allowing cars to find a spot immediately  will save time and “wondering drivers”. May even have preference of use by drivers knowing they can easily park.
  • Full utilization of all parking spots by real-time reporting not relying on patrols and CCTV monitoring provide higher profit.